Fast Moving industry with growing commercial interest.


Asteroid mining provides the opportunity to harvest vast amounts of valuable minerals for use on Earth as well as in space.  These objects also provide the opportunity for extraction of significant water resources which can be used to refuel satellites or to launch deep space missions from space itself.

Lacking detailed data on
Near-Earth Objects (NEOs)


While large amounts of development in many aspects of asteroid mining is currently underway, including solutions for extraction transport and imaging systems, there is no current process in place to capture a holistic view of which asteroids are providing the best prospect for financial success in any asteroid mining mission.


NEOs usually are only visible from Earth for a short period of time in timeframes of years, it is vital to obtain this data as early as possible to allow for successful missions over the next decade or so to become a reality.



Dedicated service to observe and categorise NEOs


The team at NEORA has developed a process that allows for high-level analysis of NEOs, even within days of first being discovered. Our innovative techniques will enable us to use this data to provide evidence and records of targets with a high probability for successful missions.  This information will be proprietary to NEORA and will be available to be purchased on a licence agreement model by those with a commercial interest in the development of asteroid mining.